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Our School

Alpine Vista K-8 opened its doors to students in the fall of 2013. We hit the ground running thanks to an incredible group of teachers and staff members, and we are well on our way to establishing a tradition of excellence. As the largest of 15 schools in the Tulare City School District, we serve students in kindergarten through eighth grade.
Leader in Me

Alpine Vista is excited to be a Leader in Me school. The Leader in Me is a whole-school transformation model that improves the performance of all school programs. As a Leader in Me school, students, parents, teachers, and staff learn how to be responsible, show initiative, be creative, set goals and meet them, get along with people of various backgrounds and cultures, and resolve conflicts and solve problems. The Leader in Me will help students be the leaders of their own lives by learning the 7 habits: Be Proactive; Begin with the End in Mind; Put First Things First; Think Win-Win; Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood; Synergize; and Sharpen the Saw. 

Leadership is not for a few but for everyone. Leadership is not a position. It is action - the actions we take every day. Let’s be leaders together and inspire greatness in our children. Our hope is that each of you will join us on this journey of greatness and make a positive difference in the world.

"Leadership is communicating people's worth and potential so clearly that they are inspired to see it in themselves." ---Stephen R. Covey

S.O.A.R. Into the Future on the W.I.N.G.S. of Success

At Alpine Vista, we are a team of educators inspired by the potential of our students. We are motivated to create eager, enthusiastic learners—to mold this rising generation of thinkers and leaders.

Goals for our students to S.O.A.R.:

Successful in Life
Outstanding Character
Academic Excellence
Rising to the Challenge

Our students earn their W.I.N.G.S. by being:


Community Involvement
We want our students to have a variety of opportunities to be involved with our community and many of the great organizations we have. During the school year, our students will be able to participate in events and campaigns that benefit local families and agencies. For a full list of the opportunities we currently are involved with, please see our community involvement list.
You Make the Difference!
We are proud of our students and staff and the many things they accomplish. We know that we are successful because of the support we receive from families who care about their child’s education and are willing to lend a hand. Visit our PTO page for more information about how you can make a difference in your child’s journey through education.
Physical Education Instructional Time

Education Code 51210 (a)(7) states "the adopted course of study for grades 1 to 6, inclusive, shall include instruction, beginning in grade 1 and continuing through grade 6, in physical education, with emphasis upon the physical activities for the pupils that may be conducive to health and vigor of body and mind, for a total period of time of not less than 200 minutes each ten schooldays, exclusive of recesses and the lunch period." Please review our P.E. instructional time as well as our P.E. instructional schedule for more information.

If you have questions regarding physical education minutes, you should first contact your child’s teacher or principal. If you are not satisfied with the site level response, please contact our Assistant Superintendent of Personnel at 600 N. Cherry, Tulare, CA 93274, or by calling (559) 685-7200. You may submit any complaints regarding the number of P.E. minutes provided for your child using the uniform complaint procedures form, which is available online in English, Español, and is also available at the district office at 600 North Cherry, Tulare, CA 93274. 

Fast Facts

Grades Served: K-8
Enrollment: 1000+
Mascot: Eagle
Year opened: 2013
Principal: Terri Martindale

Daily Schedule

School Hours K-3:
8:20 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

School Hours 4-6:
8:20 a.m. - 3:25 p.m.

School Hours 7-8:
8:20 a.m. - 3:35 p.m.

Office Hours:
7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.